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This is not 0. Trust me.

Not to be divided by. Really. DON'T DIVIDE BY 0! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! YOU DIVIDED BY ZERO! YOU FUCK- SDEFGHOSIOJTvitoiazshfviozuoiluhdutaiondfvsdregFoUSFKAJHDKFHNJskef!!!!!!


  • Coca-Cola has 0-calorie versions of their products, which are called "[product] Zero".

Legal Issues

This number has been described by Mario as a "big, fat, egg-shaped" number, which has caused much controversy among large persons, obese persons, and protein-based foods. Promptly, 0 sued Mario for verbal harassment, and won the case, earning $0.00 in the process, as 0 mentioned the amount to be its all-time favorite number.