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Xiaolin Showdown

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Xiaoin Showdown is a show about a bunch of non-religious monk children who fight a loser named Spicer over strange magical objects. Later on in the series, more enemies come in, people get recruited to the "dark side" so many times it's almost expected, and in the end, they have a giant showdown and the good guys win. It's very predictable.

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The storyline of the average Xiaolin Showdown episode.

Media Information

{{#ev:youtube|kkKKg751iRw|320}}A Xiaolin showdown poop
  • Television show
  • Made by Christy Hui
  • Made on November 1, 2003
  • Made in the United States


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  • Omi - Bald, boastful Chinese protagonist.
  • Kimiko - Female techie from Japan.
  • Raimundo - Brazilian guy with obviously no eduction.
  • Clay - Stereotypical Texan.
  • Dojo - Slave dragon of Master Monk Guan.


  • 1-The Journey of a Thousand Miles
  • 2-Like a Rock!
  • 3-Tangled Web
  • 4-Katnappe!
  • 5-Shen Yi Bu
  • 6-Chameleon
  • 7-Ring of the Nine Dragons
  • 8-Night of the Sapphire Dragon
  • 9-My Homey Omi
  • 10-Big as Texas
  • 11-Royal Rumble
  • 12-Mala Mala Jong
  • 13-In the Flesh
  • 14-Days Past
  • 15-Citadel of Doom
  • 16-The Shard of Lightning
  • 17-The Crystal Glasses
  • 18-Pandatown
  • 19-Sizing Up Omi
  • 20-Enter the Dragon
  • 21-The Sands of Time
  • 22-Hear Some Evil, See Some Evil
  • 23-Dreamscape
  • 24-Master Monk Guan
  • 25-The Evil Within
  • 26-The Deep Freeze
  • 27-Screams of the Siren
  • 28-The Black Vipers
  • 29-The Emperor Scorpion Strikes Back
  • 30-The Return of PandaBubba
  • 31-The Last Temptation of Raimundo
  • 32-The Year of the Green Monkey
  • 33-The Demon Seed
  • 34-The New Order
  • 35-The Apprentice
  • 36-Something Jermaine
  • 37-Dangerous Minds
  • 38-Judging Omi
  • 39-Saving Omi
  • 40-Finding Omi
  • 41-Bird of Paradise
  • 42-The Life and Times of Hannibal Roy Bean
  • 43-Omi Town
  • 44-Treasure of the Blind Swordsman
  • 45-Oil in the Family
  • 46-The Return of Master Monk Guan
  • 47-The Dream Stalker
  • 48-Chucky Choo
  • 49-Wu Got the Power
  • 50-Hannibal's Revenge
  • 51-Time After Time: Part I
  • 52-Time After Time: Part II


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