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This wondering Indian searching for the truth is Xavier. By the way, that dirty snake is indeed his hand.
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Xavier found four revelations here: the water color of Jay listens; walking is when the sibling will hang the fairy in words; we pass over with indefinate rolls, which causes the thing to start; and he is of your realness.

Xavier is a renegade angel from, well, Xavier: Renegade Angel. He's a wanderer of the world to try to make the world a better place. He's also a sort of philosopher, where he asks questions about life and other stuff like that.


  • "I need some of that disease that you guys invented."
  • "The other one."
  • "That's the spice."
  • "I don't have time for that."
  • "Frittata!"
  • "Just gotta dump this load in that dirty, prudish, floppy slot, and collect my prutos."
  • "You can all fret not. I have the cure, right here."
  • "You don't want to drink that."
  • "I thought you had the stutter."
  • "Yowsas! This town has gone bowsers!"
  • "Your television set has been shatturd."
  • "I got you trapped! (You trapped!)"
  • "This walking's which the sibling will hang the fairy in words."
  • "We pass over with indefinately rolls. We're in place for about genzite."


  • He has a snake attached to his arm, as well as 4 pairs of nipples, weird looking legs, and an eye where his crotch should be.
  • One time, he smoked so much cigarettes and ate so much bacon that he traveled all the way into Cavemen times.
  • He sometimes might bring insanity into a town that he meets.
  • However, he could also bring insanity into you.
  • He stole seven babies in Phoenix, ate them with his snake hand, tried to capture a fake kidnapper, and transformed into a child-like Demigod thing.
  • Was onced raped as a child by his own master/father-like Native American person.