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cheap nfl jerseys from china official website reporter Ian Rapople reported on Saturday that even the big book went to Kansas City, the steel man planned to start Landry Jones. In the case where Mike Vick has been determined, Murphy will serve as a quarter-free appearance at Jones.

In the second half of the black panther first attack, Shunfeng is going to the Red District. When 2 files scored, Newton was killed by the red rhein, and the three gears found Oson, the latter failed to complete the shot, the black panther 27 is leading. The first half of the flush is still unable to discard it to the Black Leopard. The Black Panther once again shunned the offense, and finally, the Black Panther was 34 to 7 with the end of Newton's rushing. The rickets attacked to the Black Panther 29 yards, and the third section ended.

Close-end Edge Kelly is dissatisfied with Mahumus only ranking 4th
The 2020 hundred players selected by the player have announced the top 10, last year's super bowl MVP, the chief quadrota, patrick, is only ranked fourth. At least in the close of Tel Avis Kelce, this place is not very suitable.

The first quarter was first attack by the red tick, and the twice of red birds only won 3 yards. The three gear Carson-Palmore passed the ball. I chose to abandon the kick; the right to go to the black pedicure, After a successful running ball, the second-speed quarter Wei Kam-Newton passed the 14 yards to Brown, and then the next time I ran, the TED Ginn won 13 The code came to the red scitch 32 yard, and then the panther came to the red rock 27 code line could not be advanced again, and 45 yards shot 3-0 leadership team. The red scitch will fight again, the black panther defensive front line gives Purmore make a lot of pressure, two times forward, the third time I found the first gear, and then the attack was unsuccessful. Abandoning the kick; Black Leopard Dynasty to abandon the rebounded effect, won the 32 yard directly to the Luhua 49 code line, three gears 2 yards, Newton find the old partner near the front of the pertide, the latter is beautiful Teng shouted the ball to win 12 yards to go to the red rock 29 yards, then a complex sports tactics, Jigen took the ball to the left side, with the teammates' beautiful blocking and personal change to the right side, rush to the right The black panther is 10 to 0 lead. The red scitch will fight again, the three-speed attack came to the red ramp 44 yards, then the red scitch first was running to Johnson's four-point guard, Pelmo took over, and the next step was designed by the outside of Fitzgerald, however Two fancy tactics only won 2 yards, then the red scitch once again abandoned again; the black panther again attacked, three gears 8 yards, in the black panther 14 yard line, then the Newton passed the opponent defensive vulnerability Corey Brown, the latter got rid of the safety guards, a horse Pingchuan directly won the 86 code, the black panther 17-0 leaders.

In 2011, Fei Teer served as director of scouting Seahawks University, Richard is selected in the same year with five show - Sherman (Richard Sherman). 2012 draft, signed three former Seahawks chose red setter Bruce - Irwin (Bruce Irvin), linebacker Bobby - Wagner (Bobby Wagner), quarterback Russell - Wilson (Russell Wilson). These were later obtained a core member of the Seahawks during the Super Bowl.

According to the news, the raid people may prioritize their quartzwood. "Reliable news revealed that the raid management" considers priority to dealing with Carl's contractual issues, the reason is very simple, the raids have enough salary space to turn Carrier's 4 years into 5 years. "And we have to admit a little That is that NFL is a quarter-off alliance, and there is no good quadruption. It is difficult to touch the super bowl.

National Federation: Black Leopard Hao 49 points
In the 15th to 16 season season, the State Fellow was held at the home of the Carolina Black Panther. The National Union No. 2 Arizona Redshok News challenged the Carolina Black Leopard, and the winner will enter the superb bowl challenge the Early United Champion Championship & mdash; & mdash; Danfo wild horse.

The second game, the row attack 2 files 6 yards, running to Johnson rushing down 23 yards to the black panther 37 yard line, 3 files 10 yards, four points 卫珀more is killed and kill the ball, the ball is black panther Luck Kuechly is picked up, and the ball is converted. The black panther is again attacked, and the three attacks will choose to abandon the kick. The red scitch attack, 3 files 11 yards in the red scitch 35 yard line Purmore passed successfully to get the new first gear, the black panther two fouls came to the Black Leopard 43 yard line, running to Johnson's beautiful rush to take a 15 yard Go to the Black Panther 28 code line, then Purmore passed the ball to the black panther 3 yard line. 2 file conditions, Johnson Middle Road Washing Purders Located in the first time, the red rumble 7 to 17. The black panther attack did not win the first geographic to discard kick, attacking the hand Peterson abandoned the kick mist, the ball was returned by the black panther, the black panther started attacking cheap jerseys from china the red scitch 46 code line, just wrong Piteson is divided into a first gear of the Panther, and then the Black Leopard is running in Jonathan Stewart, kills 1 yard line, three gears score, Newton's own With the excellent body quality jump to the people's pile, the ball is overline, the black pantha is again reached, and 24 to 7 leads. The red scitch was again attacked, the first arrive of Purmore was robbed by the black panther once again, the ball was converted from the red rock 31 line. 2 files 10 yards, the front of the corner Taxie Piteson, turned off the Newton, and returned to the black panther 22 yards. However, the first attack of the rock, Purmore passed the pass of the end of the terminal again to be copied by the panther. The black panther who strives insurance will choose twice, ending the first half.