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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
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The account(s) WalrusGuy has/have been suspended from YouTube for crimes against copyright, but got unsuspended later. YouTube Poop salutes you!
Newstaff.png WalrusGuy has contributed at least one article to the YouChew front page.
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This article is about a Youtube Pooper that makes Flash Poops.

WalrusGuy was one of the most famous poopers of all time. Therefore, he has thousands of fanboys, which caused some people to hate him. Among such people, there are those who dislike him due to his usage of flash in his poops. Despite this, he is quite good in the pooping business. One of his claims to fame is his ability to sentence mix.


{{#ev:youtube|cNTIuhtenSQ|320}}An interview with WalrusGuy

The Early Days

When WalrusGuy started "pooping", his videos were long and contained storylines, earning him acclaim and subscribers. Although Link Gets Cancer was moderately popular, it was Mario and Luigi Travel Through Time and The Only Mama Luigi Poop Anyone Has Ever Made that truly skyrocketed his popularity (the latter being one of the most famous Mama Luigi poops, and was for a time his most viewed). He made more of these videos, but is perhaps best known as the creator of the controversial poop "Dr. Rabbit is Racist!" In that poop, Dr. Rabbit went around the world insulting black people, saying stupid things, and insulting kids in general. Arguably, these early videos made him a pioneer of sentence mixing.

Colgate Controversies

Despite WalrusGuy claiming that these satirical/fake opinions that did not represent his own, Colgate found the video and took it down. When they proceeded to do this with WalrusGuy's other videos, he found a plan; create trap poops! These poops would have pictures of Mama Luigi in the thumbnail and his name in the title, and when clicked on, rather than a generic Mama Luigi poop, waiting a few seconds would reveal its true nature as a Dr. Rabbit poop. Someone, possibly an anti-WalrusGuy... guy, told Colgate about this and got WalrusGuy suspended, infuriating his fans. The troll claimed to be a representative of the "NarutoForums", posting a video saying that he was the one who told Colgate and prompted many to spam the Naruto forums fansite.

Despite how ludicrous it'd be that a bunch of Naruto fanboys would take Youtube Poop so seriously, WalrusGuy's fans believed this. It took a representative of NarutoForums coming to YouTube and proving that nobody in the forums knew who WalrusGuy was (or even what YouTube Poop was, for that matter) to stop the fanboy ragestorm. WalrusGuy apparently filed a complaint against Colgate, and since they had not responded within a month, he swiftly returned to Youtube. He proceeded to upload some more videos, a few of which were pretty decent, while the majority were... lacking and rushed out, WalrusGuy sometimes uploading three videos in the span of a few hours. (Possibly the worst offender was "Mario Farts in Luigi's Face for"... oh what am I kidding you know what's going to happen.) These videos were so controversial, some people actually unsubscribed.

WalrusGuy proceeded to be praised by his fanboys and criticized by more experienced people and poopers who thought the quality of his videos were decreasing. All this continued until the below event.

The End?


WalrusGuy's sad fate.

WalrusGuy had his account hacked and closed on the 24th of May, 2009. It was originally thought that McMaNGOS may have caused the closing. However it was revealed by WalrusGuy himself in this thread and his DA journal entry that he was hacked by somebody else and the account closure was not his doing. WalrusGuy stated that he will not be returning this time, as he prefers to make independent flashes and games, and prefer to be remembered as Nicholas Walstrom or NAveryW, not "WalrusGuy".

On June 24th 2009, (one month after his closing) his account was mysteriously reopened, with all videos gone. However, WalrusGuy has stated in this thread on the YouChewPoop forums and this video that he will not be making any more poops, regardless of his account being reopened, and is moving on to create more original works and flash animations. He uploaded his last poop, "One More Final: I Need You(tube Poop)", on July 1st, 2009. Decidedly depressing, the video contained Luigi telling a dying Yoshi one last bedtime story. The poop, being somewhat cynical in terms of character deaths and containing a few callbacks to his earlier history, can be seen as a fitting closure to WalrusGuy's videos. He has since secretly made 2 new poops. One being a remake of his first poop, Link Gets Cancer, and another being a poop of a flash he made called McDarnolds.

The Movie

Then on January 21 2011, WalrusGuy announced in this thread on the forums that he would be briefly returning to the world of YTP to release a real Youtube Poop movie was planned to be finished in the following month and then shown at select film festivals. For all we know, this is gonna mean big things for YTP, or it's going to fail.

On April 1 2012, a trailer for the film was uploaded to WalrusGuy's account, which said it's "Coming eventually (but don't hold your breath)".

The Return


In March 7th 2013, WalrusGuy made an unofficial return to the YTP community with a poop of the Domino's Pizza fad which had been ongoing at the time, a decision which was met by praise from many fans and poopers alike. Since then, he has been making poops, albeit at a much slower pace than his pre-retirement years.

Afterwards, he completed a poop titled "Gwonam's Gweat Adventuwe; or, Dino Time Enough for Love" which has impressive YouTube Poop techniques such as frame-by-frame edits of the Cd-i cutscenes, something which impressed many, many people and several other flash poopers. Following that video, he made a filler in which he plays around with the editing techniques he had used previously, and a [simplistic YTP] revolving around Brian's death in Family Guy. One of his latest videos is an audio poop of a Steven Universe interview in the likes of similar audio poops he has made in the past such as "A Slightly Uncensored Back To The Past." Only time will tell if he will continue to make more contributions to the YTP community in the future.

First Poop Seen


First Poop Made

Link Gets Cancer


Flash/Sentence mixing


Preferred Methods

  • Sentence mixing
  • Visual gags(explosions, etc.)
  • Advanced Frame-by-Frame Photoshop editing


His videos have been received very well, up to his banning. Still, some of his post-banning poops have had positive reception.


Many have claimed that WalrusGuy doesn't make poops that are confusing, and that he instead mixes words and sentences in order to create double meanings, which makes newcomers think that "Youtube Poop" means a remix video that has a structured plot instead of one that has confusing gags. Others complain that WalrusGuy uses too much CD-i. However, this is usually exaggerated by the stupidity of his fanboys, and the YCP community who are tired of overused poop gags. Since Then, he occasionally makes CD-I and Dr. Rabbit Poops along with mislabeled Mama Luigi Poops which contain Dr. Rabbit. He makes poops with uncommon sources and he is still successful.

Starting in 2009, his "poops" were especially criticised for being 30 seconds long, at most, and revolving entirely around offensive/toilet humour (not to mention being sentence-mixing videos rather than poops). It is possible that this factor may be what's behind his account hacking, though this is just a theory.


  • Has 2 of the most successful Dr. Rabbit Poops, plus the most successful Mama Luigi Poop, with almost 70,000 views in one month.
  • Passed up Deepercutt as the most subscribed pooper on November 1, 2008.
  • ...And made Deepercutt the most subscribed pooper once again when he lost his account...
  • Only for him to be the most subscribed pooper once again when he returned. Jeez, people, make up your minds for once.


In Real Life




Other Information


  • WalrusGuy once sent an iCarly Poop to Nickelodeon as a prank, and it can be viewed on YouTube.
  • He was one of the first suspended poopers to return to YouTube, although other people have done the same in 2010 (McMaNGOS, MrRoboto113, etc.).
  • On April 08, 2009 (Which was about a month and few days after WalrusGuy's unexpected closing of his account.), his poop of the Shiddy Bear was on the YouTube front page. He even made a special announcement about this two or three days later.
  • His account was mainly used as a chatroom for youtube users, until he removed the comment box.


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