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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.

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VanillaSkittles9's Youtube Profile Picture

Who The Hell Is This Guy?

Explaining VanillaSkittles is somewhat difficult. Its like trying to tell a child where babies come from, or why people think Napoleon Dynamite is funny. He basically started off as 2007 pooper in mid-2009. He was a little late on that, but he watched more poops and began to see 2007 poops were overrated in 2009. So he made better poops. Then he joined Youchew. Now he's a god. The end.

{{#ev:youtube|g3Cb_m9Vm-Q|320}}VanillaSkittles9's first poop.


  • Pokemon (Earlier Poops)
  • The Faces of Evil (Earlier Poops)
  • Cartoon Network shows
  • The Simpsons
  • Other (Brawl Taunts, Eagleman, etc.)

Poop Listing

Name Date
Hyrule's Video Game Addiction January 24, 2010
Homer Simpson Wants KFC and Burger King January 26, 2010
Banned Brawl Taunts January 28, 2010
Football Is Fake and Gay (Last SMW Poop) February 05, 2010
Fapjack's Amazing and Cum-tastic Trolly Ride March 01, 2010
E.T Loses His Self-Esteem...... IN A BOOK. March 01, 2010
Bart Wins The 1984 Olympics (Taken Down Due To Copyright) March 7, 2010
Courage Thinks System of a Down is Garbage March 10, 2010
I LIKE JEFF GORDON (With Captions!) March 25, 2010
Now With 80% More Demons! April 6, 2010
Kyle Dies While The Justice League Ear Rapes Patrick April 6, 2010
Two Crappy YTPMVs I Never Finished April 18, 2010

Tennis Matches

Preferred Methods

Preferred Tech



In my early poops, I have been known to leave some scenes of a video unpooped, leaving it longer than it should be.