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Just a hobo bitch.
Just a hobo bitch.
<!--This template forms the the backbone of a Pooper entry; it's fully customizable so you can add or delete whatever you want. Remember this isn't a profile page and may well be edited by other people. Any thing that is within <!-- does not appear in the article.-->
<!--Do not change {{pooper}} to something else. Otherwise, the tag gets screwed up.  You may add other tags if needed.-->
<!--This is the Pooper Box, replace the text after the = sign in each row with the necessary information.  You may remove any unnecessary rows as needed.-->
|name=Probo<!--Put your username here-->
|image=Image.jpg <!--Use the Upload File page to add your picture or avatar to the site, then insert the base file name here.  Example: Image.jpg-->
|caption=caption <!--Add a caption for the image you supply, or just include a message on top of the template.-->
|1stmade=First poop you've made
|year=11 <!-- Put the last 2 digits of the year you made your first poop.  Note that XX is just a placeholder and it must be replaced by a number or else it will show an error-->
|noaddyear=  <!--Put this as yes to keep it from automatically categorizing the year you began pooping.-->
|sources=Sources you tend to use.
|methods=Poopisms do you use.
|tech= Sony Vegas
|sex=    GENDERLESS<!--Your gender. Flaunt this information to the members of the other sex.-->
|noaddsex=    <!--Put this as yes to keep it from automatically categorizing your gender.-->
|nationality= USA
|noaddnation=    <!--Put this as yes to keep it from automatically categorizing your nation.-->
|youtubeaccount=probosowa <!--Put your Youtube username here-->
|channelid=  <!--If your youtube account link uses a channel ID format (ex: ), put the channel ID here.-->
|altyoutubeaccount=usernamealt  <!--Another YouTube account of yours you'd like to show.-->
|altyoutubeaccount2=usernamealt2  <!--Another alt.-->
}}  <!-- End of pooperbox -->
==In Brief==
<!--Short description of pooper-->
Probo Hobo Bitch joined the YouChew forums in 2008. Made a semi-poop based off Colonels [[Africans|Gaddafi]] and [[KFC|Sanders]] in 2011, made first full-fledged poop in wake of [[Fred Phelps]] splitting hell wide open in March 2014.
===First poop made===
''Title of poop - right''
===Preferred Sources===
<!--Fill this in with the sources you use most frequently, or sources you enjoy using.-->
* Ray Sipe
* [[Richard Nixon]]
* [[Fred Phelps]]
* Muppets
* [[Rugrats]]
===Preferred Methods===
<!-- see Poopisms for more information-->
===Preferred Software===
* [[Sony Vegas]]
<!--Describe some things you like. This isn't Myspace, so try not to make it too long. -->
<!-- Sources, fads, poopisms or even fellow poopers here. You can also put some personal dislikes, but don't go too overboard as it takes away from the point.-->
<!-- Common mistakes made by this pooper, recurring negative youtube comments and self-admitted problems-->
<!-- the creation of notable poops or fads plus critical achievements based upon positive feedback from comments, high viewer counts, etc.-->
<!-- delete as applicable-->
* [[Axe995|Axe]]
* [[Billion]]
* [[cantflyman]]
* [[DaftPunkYoshi]]
* [[SkyBlueFox]]
* [[Spiral]]
* Others
<!--This should be self edited-->
<!--This section should not be self edited except on rare occasions-->
<!--==Poop Listing==-->
==Other Information==
<!-- Other stuff that may be of interest -->
* Prob(o)ably the only person to become mod on YouChew before even making a poop.
*[ YouTube Account]
===Other Links===
*[ Tumblr]

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Just a hobo bitch.