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Tyrannosaurus Alan

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Name: Tyrannosaurus Alan
Appears In: Volvic Ads
Sex: Male
Nationality: English
Occupation(s): Keeping an eye on that murderous George

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Tyrannosaurus Alan is a Tyrannosaurus rex who appears in a series of commercials for Volvic mineral water. He is one of George Volcano's closest friends.


Often annoyed by George The Volcano's rants about Volvic Products, Alan is a loyal friend to George and a good listener. He is also known to try Volvic Products upon being advertised. He seems to have a grudge against sabertooth tigers and enjoys working in a business type atmosphere. Alan seems to be much more capable and intelligent as opposed to George and enjoys correcting him (without wheezing like a certain Green-capped character).


Fun Facts

  • He eats parents for breakfast.
  • He likes the work of the Jackson 5.
  • He likes to annoy George the Volcano.
  • He was once briefly roboticized by Robotnik's Robot Transmogrifier Gun (it is unknown how he was changed back).
  • He and George both dislike dinner.
  • He is trying to exterminate all Saber-toothed Tigers.


Tyrannosaurus Alan Tyrannosaurus Alan

What are you doing, Mr. Volcano?

Tyrannosaurus Alan Tyrannosaurus Alan

Your birds?!

Tyrannosaurus Alan Tyrannosaurus Alan

I've only got a brain the size of a pea!

Tyrannosaurus Alan Tyrannosaurus Alan

You can't say that!

Tyrannosaurus Alan Tyrannosaurus Alan

I'm off to eat someone's parents!

Tyrannosaurus Alan Tyrannosaurus Alan


Tyrannosaurus Alan Tyrannosaurus Alan

C'mon, world! I'm Tyrannosaurus Alan and I'll have you for breakfast! RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWR!

Tyrannosaurus Alan Tyrannosaurus Alan