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Titanic: The Legend Goes On...

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MediaNice.jpg This article is about a Media Source, which is remixed to create a YouTube Poop.

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Name: Titanic: The Legend Goes On...
Country of Origin: Italy
Type of Source: Movie
Created By: Camillo Teti, Medusa Film, & Titanic Cartoons SLR Roma
Year Created: 2000

{{#ev:youtube|BxHNztg0X3s|320}}We've finally made it folks!

"Everybody's feelin' fine 'cause it's PARTY TIME!!!" - Fritz, The Rapping Dog

Wait, Legend?![edit]

Yes, fellow reader, every single detail found involving the Titanic was all just myths in disguise. This film will tell you all about the truth in terms of the Titanic. Still, you should know about a little bit about this actual film before we give you the full details of this story. The film was released back in September 15, 2000 in Italy, but it had a release in Canada in July of 2001 with an English voice acting cast (but no French found for some odd reason...), and it remained out of the U.S.A.'s eyes for quite some time. Some would also say that this film actually ripped off a different Titanic film that was also released in Italy, but those people are just liars.


Our main story begins kind of like how The Night B4 Christmas does, in terms of how they began their story. They show us a scene from the climax, which is a lady named Angelica (no, not that Angelica) and some other kid rowing their lifeboat while looking at the destruction found involving the Titanic. We then get into a flashback inside the eye of Angelica towards how this entire mess even happened in the first place. She sees and remembers how she's like Cinderella with an evil stepmother and two evil sisters and she wants to find true love. However, unlike Cinderella, she's also hoping to find her real mother! We also get to see the prince charming named William whom, despite suspiciously looking like Leonardo DiCaprio during his Titanic film, is actually a nanny's boy and has a secretary named Gaston (no, not that one). We have a few more humans that we don't really care about, mainly because we have talking animals to show! Inside the cargo of the Titanic, we're shown that a family of Yiddish mice, some geese, a magpie, some dogs, and a band of Mexican mice also entered the boat as well, but in a secretive manner. However, we're then treated to a cat and a little dog trying to eat the son of the Yiddish family's mice! Thankfully, the dog named Fritz helps saves the boy, and to (somewhat) repay him, he created a very special rap number dedicated to him.

After that great performance made by Fritz, we devolve into various activities found into our little trip. The two henchmen of an evil bitch try to rob a fat bitch's jewels, the two main characters in Angelica (poor girl) and William (rich boy) start to fall in love with each other, other characters start falling in love (or at least, try to do that), and some old lady and some of the animals help Angelica look defining for the Titanic's reception. During that reception, William starts flashing back to the times that he first met her, which is somewhat odd considering the implications of us already seeing a flashback here. In any case, after also seeing the animal version of their reception (with the Mexican band performing), we then see the moment of all truths: the Titanic hitting the iceberg that causes the ship to sink.

The crew of the Titanic tries to stop more water from getting onto the ship by using buckets to throw the water out, but that brilliant plan fails, mainly because the crew actually kept missing their throws near a hole for the water to get out of. William, on the other hand, helps the third-class passengers break through the metal gates, mainly in order to help save Angelica from certain death. Angelica safely gets on a lifeboat, but William's left behind due to the policy of "women & children first". William then goes on to believe that he won't be a statistic and starts breaking some glass on the ship in order to save himself. However, after he gets out of that evil window, he then decides to rescue a poor boy who's still on the ship for some odd reason. After all this occurs, the Titanic finally sinks down to the ground, leaving many, but not all of our unimportant human characters to their deaths. All the animals, on the other hand, end up surviving and they end up getting the saving grace of dolphins to help their asses, as well as saving an unimportant cook.

During the rowing session that occurred back from that flashback, Angelica ends up discovering that William's nanny was actually Angelica's long-lost mother. With that thought in mind, the lifeboat goes out and searches for William, who's stuck on some rope in the frigid waters without the child due to him being saved by a different lifeboat. The lifeboat then goes to a passenger who was thought to be William from the back, but we're shown that looks can be deceiving. A second try, however, shows a dramatic attempt for the passengers in the lifeboat to help save William's life, which they did. With that, our story finally ends with the couple kissing right near the sunrise, signifying a bright future for the rest of their days... OR IS IT?!?!?!

Actually, our movie hasn't really finished yet after all, as we still have an epilogue to cover! Our detective from this film finally ended up catching a thief that he was looking for on his trip, and he also stopped smoking and started eating some lollipops. Gaston the secretary ends up marrying a wealthy socialite, hoping that he'll live off of her own money, but he ends up doing all the household work in the end. The henchmen of the theif ended up marrying Angelica's stepsisters because they thought their husbands were wealthy. And last, but not least, we're shown a picture of Angelica & William who are finally married, and they also have the help of William's nanny & Angelica's mother, a friend of Angelica's with her two grandchildren, and they also have the dalmations who ended up having at least two puppies of their own. They had their happily ever after, and the makers of this film hope that you have one too.


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  • Angelica - The "heroine" of the story.
  • William - The love interest of Angelica, who's also a nanny's boy.
  • Fritz - That infamous rapping dog found in this story. Later on went to create a new (failed) single called "Kibbles & Bitches" as Shit Doggy Dog.
  • Mother / Nanny Jenny - William loves her very much; is apparently Angelica's mother as well!
  • Victoria - A cabinmate of Angelica's who ends up being like a grandmother to her. She also has grandchildren, who may or may not have also been on the Titanic with her.
  • Gaston - An evil secretary who works for William.
  • Gertrude - A nasty bitch, who's also Angelica's stepmother.
  • Hortense & Bernice - Two nasty bitches, who are also Angelica's stepsisters. They both get married at the end.
  • Winnie - Now I ain't sayin' she's a gold digger, but she ain't messin' with no broke niggas.
  • Jeremy McFlannel - A banker who's a failure at life.
  • Corynthia Meanstreak - The main villain of this story and an expert jewel thief.
  • Kirk & Dirk - Two of Corynthia's henchmen. They also not only escape the idea of being in prison, but they also end up getting married at the end.
  • Sam Bradbury - The detective of our story.
  • Molly - A singer on this film.
  • The Yiddish Mouse Family - They want to have a new life in America. Their son is also the prelude to our special part of the film.
  • The Mexican Mice Band - They traveled all around tour and wanted to get back home.
  • Hector - The magpie bird that isn't really important.
  • The Dalmations - Found to belong to the rich family. They end up having puppies afterwords.
  • The Dolphins - They help save some people and all of the animals.

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Four words: Fritz, the Rapping Dog.

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Further Information[edit]

  • The Nostalgia Critic once reviewed this film. He didn't know that the film was actually called "Titanic: The Legend Goes On..." until later on; rather, he thought it was called "Titanic Animated" or even "Titanic - The Animated Musical", never mind how there was rarely any singing going on throughout this film. Regardless, this is actually one of his better reviews around. In fact, some might say that he was the reason why Fritz, the Rapping Dog took off.
  • There's apparently another version of this film where it had more coherent transitions from shot to shot, had more pointless moments involved, and the music in that version's different from the more likely found version at hand. You can view a review of it here if you want to.

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