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Sabrina Skunk

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MediaNice.jpg This article is about a Media Source, which is remixed to create a YouTube Poop.
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Name: Sabrina Skunk
Sex: Female
Age: Early 20's
Occupation(s): Artist (for a porno studio)




Sabrina Skunk is an Anthropomorphic "Furry" Skunk created by Amiga computer connoisseur Eric W. Schwartz. She is most famous in the furry community for the webcomic strips known as Sabrina Online, which have been running on a monthly basis since 1996.

The sources most commonly used in poops are the 2 animations of Sabrina known as Plight of the Artist and Remote Possibilities. The first video using Sabrina appeared in late 2009 when YTP News anchor Stuart K Reilly made the poop/how a poop's made video "The Story Of How A Lone Furry Changed The Face Of Youtube Poop". But Sabrina would not turn into a well known source until after Stuart came out with his 2010 video "1500"; Stu gave the Sabrina sources to CommanderGwonam and he began using them in poops and in YTPMV's.

Media Information[edit]

  • Type of Source: Computer Animation
  • Creators: Eric W. Schwartz
  • Dates: 1993-Present
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Also, it's a webcomic.


Sabrina is often used as an auxiliary source to add on top of another source due to its unfitness as a main source and is completely unusable as a sentence mixing source (no dialogue at all other than Sabrina screaming and some ambient noises).

Mostly added in as a pop up out of no where source masked in Sony Vegas to add comic relief.

First Used in a Poop by[edit]

Often Used By[edit]


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Further Information[edit]

  • Stuart K. Reilly is pretty much the only person that uses this source frequently, due to the fact that he is believed to have a strong, open obsession with this character. More info can be found here.
  • She works in a porno studio with a special bisexual skunk-tiger hybrid named Zig Zag.

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