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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
CharNice.jpg This Youtube Pooper somehow found a way to become a poop source, and so this article is filed under Characters.
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The account(s) RASVAKEITINv00 has/have been suspended from YouTube for crimes against copyright. YouTube Poop salutes you!

In Brief

Finnish pooper, who started his pooping career in 2008.


Sometime in 2008, Rasvakeitinv23 and his friends were browsing the internet searching for videos about Pokémon and they found a poop called "Ash's first pubic hair". Under the influence of a certain substance they found the random reversing, audio replacing and the general random nature of the video particularly hilarous.

After watching more poops he found the finnish version of YTP called SinäTuubaPaska. He commented on one of them, a poop made by a finnish pooper called siirappimakkara and he replied asking if he wanted to start making SinäTuubaPaska. siirappimakkara sent him Sony Vegas Pro 8.0. One thing led to another and Rasvakeitin uploaded his first poop on youtube.

He continued pooping and made more videos. He also participated in a SinäTuubaPaska contest hosted by one of the so-called founders of SinäTuubapaska, SinaTuubaErtsu/KaksErtsu and ended up winning with his poop "Toukon paaputin aiheuttaa maailman loppumisen". Then he discovered Imaperson, TimAJH, PlasmaFetus and MTB710, and liked what he saw. (although it wasn't visible in his style at the time)

He got well over 100 subs in about three months. Then came Moomin Characters Ltd - the Finnish Viacom, and had his account RASVAKEITINv00 closed in the spring of 2009.

Few weeks passed and he made his current channel RASVAKEITINv23 and kept on making poops as usual. Slight change in things came in the summer of 2009 when he started a tennis with SinaTuubaErtsu and used rape - visual and earrape, a whole bunch cause he felt like doing so. That started a shit storm and pretty much divided Finnish poopers and viewers in to two. One side liked rape, the other one could be called the finnish spadinner fags.

Time passed and in the winter of 2010 came. It was time for him to do as many other finnish "men" at the age of 18 or older and go to military training. He shot imaginary Russians for six months and after he got out he found his current favorite poopers Metzgorrre and Thatcomputerperson and they continue to influence his style.

Then someone taught him how to pitch shift with the +- keys and his head exploded.


First poop seen

Youtube Poop: Ash's First Pubic Hair

First poop made

SinäTuubaPaska - Muumilaakson poliisi saa rikosten pesää



Preferred Sources

And the list goes on....

Preferred Methods


Preferred Software

  • Sony Vegas Pro 8.0



  • Horror
  • Pokémon
  • Talking with cute people
  • Watching Poops
  • Anime (With plot)


  • Anime (Without plot)
  • Memes (Coolface, Me gusta etc.)
  • And everything else


  • Has over 1000 subscribers


  • For using too much earrape


  • Has subscribed to Bloodis
  • Made visual rape and earrape popular in the finnish poop scene
  • Has received death threats for using earrape
  • Created minor fad in the Finnish YTP community from his YTP Pokemonnumerosarja([Brock] says "Ihan kamala" meaning "Pretty awful" thoughtout the poop)








  • Is the world champion of ostridge egg eating
  • Had his first account RASVAKEITINv00 closed due to copyright infringement
  • Rasvakeitin is finnish and it means deepfryer