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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
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NS2 is a former Café staff member for YouChew. You can view his/her Tennis Roster here.
Newmoderatorimagethatwillhopefullysatisifypeoplethistime.png  NS2 is a former moderator for the YouChew forums.
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 This Pooper is Dormant and unclassified to be retired or on hiatus.
{{#ev:youtube|O_vuqJEIfgI|320}}NS2's first poop, in his glory days


In brief

NS2 is a YouTube Pooper initially known to others for only having Solid Snake as his avatar, but he became more well-known as a moderator on the YouChew Forums. Poopwise he has become iconic for using Windows Movie Maker, and is credited by some to inspire certain poopers to switch back to the program.

In 2009, he abandoned his flagship account and quietly switched over to the new account GeneratorSN, continuing to make YTP sporadically.


NS2 was first aware of YouTube Poop in early October 2007, upon hearing his friends discussing it during school. Becoming curious, he checked it out a week later, by doing a YouTube search for "YouTube Poop". He discovered it, and instantly thought it was the most amazing thing he had ever seen. What he saw was a video by WalrusGuy.

After developing an obsession, NS2 began making these "poops" himself about two weeks later, debuting with a generic CD-i romp. He didn't use CD-i as much in the succeeding poops, which mainly focused on period games of the time like Super Smash Bros. Brawl and the Ratchet & Clank sequel no one bought because it was on PS3. He stopped using CD-i completely when he joined the YouChewPoop Forums in January 2008, when his focus at the time became mainly video games and occasionally anime, a form of animation he gained an interest in just about a month prior to joining.

He later expanded his sources to live-action material like the 1989 Batman film, and a few political biopics involving former U.S. president Richard Nixon. He continued his quest to poop more classic PlayStation games as well. NS2 became a moderator of the forum in April 2008, and has created over 250 poops since the first embarrassing CD-i spectacle.

In June 2009, NS2 resigned as moderator (after being inactive for months) and then proceeded to leave YouChew for good. He abandoned his YouTube account and moved to GeneratorSN where he continues to make new poops, though much less than he used to (the quiet life is always grand). NS2 left his main account to escape the stress he faced from having so many subscribers (plus he had a life to deal with), but left the account open because poopers on YCP had professed their love of his videos to him constantly.

Surprisingly (or unsurprisingly if you prefer), NS2 returned to YCP as an active user in September 2009, and in October, ended up becoming a global moderator again, only to leave the site again the following January. He resigned from his position in August.

In October of 2010, he returned to the site once again. Masquerading under the name of 'Generator Ice Cap' for a while, he had his name changed back to 'NS2' in February 2011, and continues to be an active poster for the time being. Since his return, all of his avatars have featured Shawn Spencer from the TV series "Psych" and all are colored blue because of an elaborate in-joke explained below.


NS2 was a trusted member of THE INCREDIBLE LASER SWORD team, and he is known to be a skilled assassin, killing without remorse. RabbitSnore has been known to call him "a real bastard" with affection, for his apparent lack of empathy during combat operations. He has served as a spotter for RabbitSnore, as well as a backup intel officer alongside Crash2991.

After the fall of the Hussein regime in Iraq, NS2 was sent on a mission for the ILS, to infiltrate an Iraqi palace and recover three stolen DVDs. During this mission, he encountered clones of Thereisnospork303 and TheHappyFungus. Using eight pounds of C4 explosive and a toothbrush, he managed to defeat the clones, whom he later discovered to be leftovers from a biological super solider experiment.

Returning the three DVDs to Crash2991, NS2 received the title of "Awesome Guy" from the owner of a small ice cream shop in north Iowa. A short-lived peace followed thereafter, during which NS2 practiced his renowned art of killing a man with a toothpick before he can scream. Soon enough however, Nuthead pissed in a stranger's coffee one morning (that is to say, he literally urinated in a man's coffee), and a war had broken out, giving NS2 the opportunity to increase his already impressive kill record.

NS2 is known to be able to eat nails and shit screws half an hour later. That's how badass his digestive tract is.

He was rumored to have lost his right eye to Rakninja in a petty squabble over the last can of Sprite in the ILS base, but this rumor was debunked, since NS2 has two eyes.

I Know I Love You Better Series



One of NS2's late career masterpiece works focused on an image of Shawn Spencer from the TV series "Psych" waving his hands in disco-style freedom, set to the added blue backdrop. "Ice Cap Shawn" began in modest in 2009, in a series of NS2's avatars and images of Shawn, with an icy blue look.

In January 2010, the idea sparked in NS2 to create "I Know I Love You Better." The video’s title originated along the lyrics of Steely Dan’s "Peg," which has the sung line in question, which is looped in the video. By this time, NS2 had left YouChew and the video had a cemented status of "legendary" among those who viewed it. The image of Shawn waving his hands in the air, with a warping 3D ripple effect, became an iconic sensation.

A month later, in February, NS2 developed the sequel, "I Know I Love You Better Part II: Better Than He Loves You," out of relative boredom (he had yet to return to YouChew). The video exhibits one of NS2’s last known uses of video editing for a while, splicing a song and matching it to the bizarre color and visual effects featured onscreen, again being done to the same image of Shawn Spencer, set to samples of the pop song "Heart Station" by Utada Hikaru. The sequel did not become as legendary as the original, but still resonated in a few folks.

On October 2, 2010, NS2 was bored once again and developed "I Know I Love You Better Part III: Revenir au Présent," months after he officially announced his retirement from poop. The title means "Return to the Present" in French. NS2 decided the legacy of the videos would be best as a trilogy. But he left a thought that questioned and acknowledged the possibility of more videos in the series. The video featured occasional editing and experimentation with transitions set to the soaring soul of "Across 110th Street" by Bobby Womack.

"I Know I Love You Better Part IV: It's Friday in the Morning" was posted on May 27, 2011 in HD, featuring "Friday Blues" by Clazziquai Project as the music.

"I Know I Love You Better" also found life as jokes in videos by SkyGuy16 and Chrisgendo. In SkyGuy’s "I Know They’re Gonna Love It," an image of Arthur waving his hands in a similar fashion to Shawn was blued up, warped and contained a repeating lyric from another part of Steely Dan’s hit "Peg," and that of course makes the title.

In May 2010, NS2 released an unfinished video from November 2009, "Ice Cap Ballade" (predating the “Love You Better” craze) that featured clips of Shawn and his partner Gus set to the Ice Cap theme from Sonic the Hedgehog 3. Unfortunately, the only factor the video lacked was that it was not blue. In October of that year, Chrisgendo blued up and the video and had it sent to NS2 for upload, cementing the legacy of Ice Cap Shawn and the loving of others better.

The first three "I Know I Love You Better" videos were released as a trilogy on Blu-ray (lol) and DVD in November 2010, and the first video was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture. Bonus features on the 5-disc set included the aforementioned videos by SkyGuy16 and Chrisgendo, a digital copy, a 40-minute documentary on the making of the joke, and interviews with key individuals. Also included is a special director’s cut of the original video that is one second shorter. The set has been praised by critics, especially for the HD transfer of the videos.

A 3D version was in the works for release in May 2011, but was eventually scrapped and replaced by IV.

Ice Shawn Disco 2.png

First poop seen

The Only Mama Luigi Poop Anyone Has Ever Made by WalrusGuy

First poop made

Crap, Not Poop


NS2 professed to using a similar style for most of his videos (since he believes WMM is not the place for intense creativity, but a lot of his biggest fans think otherwise). There are three main styles that are evident throughout his videos. He has his share of fast-paced works ("Sniper Sinks Ocelot's Feelings"), slow tour-like videos inspired by early poopers ("SUBSTANCE"), and videos where he mixes both of the above styles, usually creating a video that manages to maintain balance ("ZACH'S CHEMGASM").

When NS2 moved into the GeneratorSN account, he started experimenting with slightly different techniques with WMM, having not pooped in months.

Preferred Sources

Aside from those, he has used a very wide range of sources like many poopers have.



The Nightfly.jpg

Preferred Methods


Preferred Tech

  • Windows Movie Maker on Windows Vista (used throughout most of his career)
  • MAGIX Music Maker 11 (used for about 5 of his videos)
  • MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 11 (current editor)


  • People complaining too much about anything.


  • Over 500 subscribers on his old account (including quite a few notable ones), so he must have been doing something right. Or wrong.
  • Some people have called him one of the best WMM poopers, and some have called him one of the best in general. You decide for yourself.


  • He does not generally like it when he tosses in a random source for about 2 seconds and then switches to another source.
  • "UN CONSPIRACY WAS HER?", a joke video which became of his lowest-rated videos due solely to the fact he used WMM to make it.
  • He made up for the above video with "THAT'S BAD, REALLY REALLY BAD!", a classic-style YTPMV with the same source, which after a while got sarcastic comments about how it was actually really really bad.
  • Chosen source material sucks and other bizarre arguments about how his videos depict gender prejudice for whatever reason. He does not understand.
  • Had a sporadic "leave and come back" thing regarding YouChew around the time he quit, but no one complained about it.


  • Becoming known for apparently being one of the best Windows Movie Maker poopers ever.
  • Poopers as varied as Yaminomalex, Manwith10toes and Furnessly were subscribed to his first account, among others.
  • Ran the Anime Poop Collab in April 2008, with enthusiastic participants. With 22 entrants, the videos in the collaboration totaled around 45 minutes.
  • NS2 came in 2nd place in the Tennis Cup of Summer 2008. He lost the finals to Ishkibibl.
  • Briefly turned Robespierre into a forum inside joke.
  • Furnessly compared his YTPMV "THAT'S BAD, REALLY REALLY BAD" to the works of The Electric Cheese.
  • In 2011, he was interviewed for a YouChew article by Malkmusian.
  • Now most well-known on the forum for making movie poster edits, like "The Pineapple Express."


In Real Life



To make Youtube Poop

Influences on Style


Other Information

YouTube Poops (Incomplete Listing)

Regular YTPs

Name Date Uploaded Length
Crap, Not Poop 10-19-07 1:31
Snake's Awakening 10-26-07 2:12
The Biggest Threat in the Universe 11-10-07 2:39
BYAH!!! 12-1-07 4:36
Farting is a Crime 1-5-08 2:15
Tobal No. 0 1-19-08 1:20
When the Cicadas Poop 1-29-08 4:30
FALGASM Captivates the World 2-3-08 2:07
A Snake Sandwich 2-8-08 1:31
Haruhi Forgets How to Dance 2-11-08 2:14
Watch Out for Trucks 2-15-08 5:47
Ratchet's Furry Rampage 2-21-08 1:17
Gotta Have TUH 2-23-08 1:20
Crash Bandicoot Was Once a Lombax 2-27-08 1:33
Tsukasa Can't Run 3-2-08 2:02
Kyon's Run-in with the Japanese Economy 3-28-08 2:54
Ocelot's Hand 4-2-08 1:28
The Rhythm of Robespierre 4-11-08 4:32
Yuichi Travels into the Zone 4-14-08 3:25
Pac-Man Gets Raped by Atari 4-27-08 1:03
Nanok 64 5-2-08 1:52
50 or 60 5-3-08 1:01
Captain Qwark's Democratic Government 5-15-08 1:06
Snake is Unable to Find the Truth 5-25-08 3:12
They Just Tried to Kill Me 5-28-08 2:03
Crash Bandicoot Starts a War with Himself 6-7-08 1:31
Robot Guy Builds Robot Guy Robots 6-8-08 0:50
Gadget Engineer Creates Revolutionary Devices 6-8-08 1:49
Kyon's Run-in with the Japanese Economy 2 6-10-08 1:46
Where the Hell Did Everyone Go 6-20-08 0:42
The Sniper Meets WMM 6-21-08 1:04
Roy Campbell 6-24-08 1:44
Ayu Comes 6-26-08 2:37
SUBSTANCE 7-5-08 5:32
Emperor Ing 7-9-08 1:32
Ocelot After 7-19-08 2:36
Volgin's Methods 7-24-08 1:50
Wario's Dreams Are Crushed 7-28-08 1:07
There is No Turning Back 8-12-08 1:00
Snake Returns 8-17-08 4:07
Marshall Law's Incredible Adventure 8-23-08 2:59
Hoverboard Face 8-25-08 1:48
SUBSTANCE 2: Toxic Waste 9-6-08 6:18
Sonic Doesn't Buy 3D 9-7-08 1:06
Nixon Opens a Door 9-28-08 1:56
I Want to Believe the Conspiracy 10-2-08 3:30
Urban Woman 10-4-08 1:05
Getting Thrown out of a Car 10-8-08 2:06
Dub You 10-10-08 1:47
Nixon is Thirsty 10-17-08 2:38
Satou Dies 10-19-08 1:59
Tomba and Swine Brother 10-23-08 1:17
Fortress Team 22: Babylon Sisters 10-24-08 1:01
I Want to Believe the Conspiracy - Part II 10-25-08 3:04
Lawyers and Fairy Tales 10-30-08 3:31
Love 11-1-08 2:56
Mr. Gore's Battle 11-6-08 2:13
The Old Hag is Suspicious 11-9-08 3:23
Explosive Purple Thing 11-15-08 1:26
SUBSTANCE 3: LIQUID QUBE 11-29-08 5:44
I am Making You a Fair Offer 12-4-08 2:13
Ratchet 12-12-08 1:40
Nixon Achieves Freedom 12-20-08 2:10
Satou Misreads a Hentai Game Manual 12-22-08 2:39
The Scout Meets WMM 12-26-08 1:34
Duck Laughing at Roy Campbell 12-28-08 2:49
Gekko? 1-6-09 1:57
The Nixifro 1-13-09 2:29
MILES 1-31-09 3:03
WMM 2-9-09 0:25
WHEN THE HELL 2-16-09 0:58
Sumduck of the Empr 3-13-09 1:41
Fuel 3-24-09 2:08
LAND OF WONDERRR 7-19-09 0:55
GREEN IS NORMAL Or: How I Learned to Stop Lying and Love the Poop 7-24-09 1:00
Revenge of the LEAP PEOPLE 8-11-09 1:30
Clin and Morg: Galactic Defenders of the Wild East 8-26-09 1:31
Helen Normal/Mr. Despair X 9-19-09 2:21
Archive of Lost Videos 2: The Plantation 10-27-09 0:42
The Shining Shoe Sings at Night 11-25-09 2:28
The Most Abnormal Day in the District of Normalcy (duo poop with ChrisGendo) 11-29-09 2:40
ZOK 12-24-09 1:04
The Times They Are Blueeeee 5-30-10 1:55
I'M GONNA JUMP (!) 12-15-10 1:06
And You Know 1-5-11 2:49
The Road to Shembalay: A Decade 1-14-11 0:48
She Wanna Paint 1-27-11 3:57
Shawn's Blue Dream 3-9-11 2:41
Show Me the True Meaning of 80 7-29-11 0:37
Funk Man Defeats Junk Man 10-14-11 1:38
East Side Geekoff 11-1-11 2:53
They Needed This Man 1-2-12 0:52
HIT-TAG-Y 1-4-12 3:16


Name Date Uploaded Length
Ocelot's System 7-26-08 1:32
Campaign Promises 12-18-09 1:18

Other YTPs

Name Date Uploaded Length
Captain Falcon's Ultimate Man Grill
Marshall Law Goes Sexy for 1 Minute
Attempt #71519
World's Greatest Sound Effect
Re: no (In Honor)
Robotnik Roasts a Chicken
Archive of Lost Videos
NS2: The Movie (200 Subscribers)
I Know I Love You Better
I Know I Love You Better II: Better Than He Loves You


Name Date Uploaded Length Opponent
A Car's Explosive Adventure 2-16-08 1:14 Temeku (MTB710)
Kagami's Falgasmic Adventure 2-17-08 1:31 Temeku
Kagami Doesn't Get Soda for Her Birthday 2-18-08 1:32 Temeku
Wolf Interrupts the Aliens 3-15-08 1:18 Crash2991
Sekai Kills the Cat 3-18-08 1:05 Crash2991
The Penguin King Resurrects the World 3-24-08 1:16 Crash2991
Cats Got Nothing on Incredible Laser Swords 3-26-08 1:27 Crash2991
The Scout Rides Haruhi's Waterbike 5-9-08 0:43 SonicNerd23
The Waterbike is Destroyed 5-14-08 0:45 SonicNerd23
Ocelot Buys the Wretched Waterbike 5-17-08 0:43 SonicNerd23
Snake Gets Kicked 6-1-08 1:08 GameCubeHero
Snake Gets Killed by Yoshimitsu 6-2-08 0:52 GameCubeHero
Dr. James Marcus Gets Queasy 6-5-08 1:03 GameCubeHero
Revolver Ocelot Swims for His Life 6-15-08 0:58 MAZZ0Murder
Fungus Can't Swim Like a Soul 6-17-08 1:19 MAZZ0Murder
Sniper Sinks Ocelot's Feelings 6-18-08 0:52 MAZZ0Murder
Shion Plays the Game in Public 6-22-08 0:51 TheHappyFungus
Rika Obtains the Game 6-24-08 1:04 TheHappyFungus
Rika Has Been Killed by the Game 6-28-08 0:55 TheHappyFungus
Hacker is Engaged with His Ass 6-29-08 1:02 Nuthead
Hacker is Engaged with Jak's Ass 7-3-08 1:06 Nuthead
Hacker is Engaged 7-8-08 0:42 Nuthead
Johnny and Meryl Encounter Fuko 7-11-08 0:52 dumbasstardfairy56
Johnny and Meryl Encounter Big Mama 7-21-08 0:57 dumbasstardfairy56
Snake Had a Restaurant 7-13-08 0:56 Ophios
Snake Had a Link 7-14-08 0:37 Ophios
Snake Linked to Himself 7-16-08 0:35 Ophios
Kyou Discovers Metal Gear 7-22-08 1:13 RetardedAnimeParody (ReallyAwesomeParody)
Kyou Discovers Soul 7-25-08 1:16 RetardedAnimeParody
ZACH'S SOLIDGASM 7-29-08 1:21 Ishkibibl
ZACH'S FIREGASM 8-13-08 1:56 Ishkibibl
ZACH'S CHEMGASM 8-16-08 1:34 Ishkibibl
Extreme Jamming 8-18-08 0:49 ThaNuke
In This Day 8-19-08 0:41 ThaNuke
Windows Movie Master: Mirror, Horizontal 8-20-08 1:16 Emperor Ing and Strong414bad
Windows Movie Master: Spin 360 8-23-08 1:49 Emperor Ing and Strong414bad
Windows Movie Master: Watercolor 8-27-08 1:18 Emperor Ing and Strong414bad
Hoverboard Face 8-25-08 1:48 Luioigi
The Face of the Spy 9-5-08 0:48 Luioigi
The Paranoia Test 9-17-08 1:51 UncleChuckTH
The Conspiracy Test 9-26-08 1:42 UncleChuckTH
Infinite Snake Hentai 10-26-08 2:23 uncle69er
If I Met You 11-19-08 3:21 WowComics
A Dark Alley That Played Music 11-21-08 1:08 WowComics
This Video Lacks Funky Music 11-26-08 0:38 WowComics
SOLID SNAKE and the Father of SOLID SNAKE 12-14-08 1:25 RabbitSnore
Ayu Trips on Palm Trees 12-15-08 1:17 Chrisgendo
Ayu Falls Victim to the Coconut Man 1-16-08 1:08 Chrisgendo
Ayu's Money Was Fake 12-17-08 2:08 Chrisgendo
Crash and the 61 Qubes 1-16-09 1:06 DaftPunkYoshi
Crash and the Doctor of Dan 1-27-09 1:22 DaftPunkYoshi
Tom Kite Goes Upstairs 4-4-09 1:36 SkyGuy16 (Triple sSs)
Tom Kite's Secret Identity 8-16-09 1:37 SkyGuy16
Tom Kite Comes Home 9-13-09 4:26 SkyGuy16
Rak is a Bro, and So is the Square 8-18-09 1:54 Rakninja
Harrison's Checkin' It Out 9-20-09 1:00 Quax94
Harrison's Checkin' Out That Furnessly 10-9-09 1:19 Quax94
Furnessly Figured Out the Mystery of Dat Ass 10-17-09 1:58 Quax94
Soda Can Man Interrupts Manga Frog and His Movie 9-27-09 1:41 AmiralMachin
Frogma Soda Kills the Wired of Puzzle 4 10-10-09 2:02 AmiralMachin
The Freelancer Resurrects the Six Soda Worlds 11-3-09 1:38 AmiralMachin
Samurai Soda Puzzles Got Nothing on Eight Incredible Spacemen 11-14-09 1:19 AmiralMachin
Fortune F Conquers the Speedway 10-13-09 0:30 Chrisgendo (rematch)
Lara's Midway Fortune Totaled to a Grand Sum 11-5-09 0:30 Chrisgendo
Unknown Fortune Fights the Madman 11-19-09 0:30 Chrisgendo
Man Valued the Fortune of Funk All Along 11-24-09 0:30 Chrisgendo
Luck, You Bluffer 12-12-10 4:39 ThePlasticCanteen
For a Fuel Drunken Sharks, Oh 12-26-10 5:15 ThePlasticCanteen
The Wine Sack, the Chi of War and the Sharks Who Lived 12-30-10 5:48 ThePlasticCanteen

Weird Trivia

  • Favorite film: Back to the Future and favorite video game: Crash Bandicoot 2.
  • Favorite music includes Steely Dan, Miles Davis, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Stevie Wonder and Pink Floyd.
  • During the month he joined, he frequently spammed a picture of Maximilien Robespierre, villain of the French Revolution. NS2's posting of it led to it catching on as a fad quietly when people like Kingcornholio used it in his poops. It was even used to represent an article on the news page in January 2008.
  • Created SONICNERD23, an infamous series of spam threads on the forum that spawned a legacy, and spiritually lives on even today.
  • A member of the INCREDIBLE LASER SWORD group, which he helped to inspire.
  • Goes a long way back with notable pooper Temeku (MTB710), who managed to gain thousands of subscribers before disappearing. NS2 was his 5th subscriber, and the first to play tennis with him.
  • MAZZ0Murder was the first person to subscribe to him, months before either of them had even joined YCP or were aware of each other's existence.
  • Was the 5th subscriber of Emperor Ing, 4th subscriber of rakninja, and 3rd subscriber of TheHappyFungus. Excluding Ing, all of them (along with himself) ended up becoming part of the tennis staff, though Ing is universally known as the 'extra member.'
  • Has known Chrisgendo since 2007 (through YouTube), years before he began using the forum and becoming another tennis staff member himself.
  • Was a consultant on SkyGuy16 (Triple sSs)'s hit YTPMV "Big Beat Mario."
  • He is the real Solid Snake.
  • A company?