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Luigi I'm Home

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Luigi I'm Home is a one liner Captain Lou Albano aka Mario shouts out after returning from his long day from getting groceries from the store. Mario wants to alert Luigi who has recently met Magic Johnson and has refused to fix his High School trophy that he has indeed arrived at the household with the items he possesses. Luigi is delighted that his brother has returned. After that, Luigi returns to his racist duties. He also likes to shave his mustache. It is a term that was made popular by none other than SuperYoshi himself.

The quote is from the episode "Pirates of Koopa", though the line also appears in other media, such as the Japanese Mario Kart DS advert (where Mario says it in Japanese at the end as he walks in the door [Tadaima]).



{{#ev:youtube|M0LfLk9lLEg|320}}Luigi I'm Home in Japanese (at the end).

After the video was made, this was a very popular quote, seeing how SuperYoshi emphasized it throughout the whole video. He said it was one of the funniest things in the episode. He has admitted that in every video after Luigi Is Racist, he has hidden this quote somewhere in there. Can you find them all? I hope you can.

Many people requested the episode from SY after the video, because they wanted Luigi I'm Home footage and they didn't feel like finding the damn episode.

About Luigi's Racism[edit]

Luigi is a racist bastard. He will never fix Magic Johnson's trophy because his black hands have touched it. Luigi would rather hear his brother announce he's home and shave his mustache. He also likes to broadcast scenes from the next Luigi I'm Home. Pretty much everything Luigi does has to do something with his brother getting home. What's driving this newfangled obsession of his? We may never know.

Mario Loves To Be Home[edit]


I'm pretty sure he does.

He also loves announcing it.

A lot.

Until next time everybody,


Luigi Is Racist[edit]

Watch the video below for more information on this important subject.