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KevinTAckerman is the creator of the YouTube Poop Top 10 Monthly Moments. Every month he finds the moments in YouTube Poops that he considers "the best" from that month and places them in a top 10 scale. Little is actually known about him. He doesn't communicate with YouTube Poopers very often and he doesn't make YouTube Poops himself. His channel doesn't even have an icon. At first, some suspected that he was someone's alt account. However that hasn't been proven.

Many of his older top 10's contained videos from "Imaperson clones" though he has broadened his list more recently. He started making the top 10's in 2008.

His top 10's have been known for causing many arguments within the Youtube Poop community. Comments like "#1 should have been number #8" or "Number #6 was the best, but number #4 was terrible!" are common on his videos.

{{#ev:youtube|yfCc4DiVC_A|320}}An example of one of his top 10's.

In February 2013 Kevin announced that Stuart K. Reilly will run the top ten list in March, however Stuart was not well-recieved, so he passed the channel over to Andrew Fawks, who returned the list to the old format, but with more elements to make it more visually appealing. Unfortunately, after an unexplained disappearance, Stu reported that Andrew felt uncomfortable with his position as the runner of the new Monthly Moments, and stepped down. The channel went inactive for the first time ever after April 2013

After being dissatisfied with Stuart K Reilly's list, SpaghettiBicycle hosted a spin-off of the list on his alt account, where the list he runs is now twice a month, called the Top Ten Semiweekly Moments (despite that the show actually runs biweekly, or semimonthly) Though he cuts outs swear words, the nerve of him, the list has been well received. SpaghettiBicycle eventually received KevinTAckermans account after Andrew stepped down. While the list ran well for a few months, it quickly went inactive in after February 2014, making the channel inactive for the second time.

More recently, RyDawg has been hosting a second spinoff of Kevin's show called YouTube Poop Monthly. Unlike Spaghetti's list, the show runs monthly. YTP Monthly mostly follows that same format as Kevin's show, but has a few minor alterations.

The Truth Behind KevinTAckerman

In the final hours of YouChew's existence, Captpan6 created a thread revealing that KevinTAckerman was never an actual person, but instead an alter ego of Captpan. He created the account primarily because he already was creating a Top 100 of 2008 video under the Captpan6 account, and didn't want the videos to contradict. He also enjoyed the mystique of a secretive alter ego.