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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
User.jpg  This article is about Garf4prez, a frequent editor and User of this wiki.
Closed.png The account spacmanalt has been Closed.
Closed.png The account nintendodude65 has been Closed.
Closed.png The account spacman191 has been Closed.
Tennisicon.png Garf4prez is a retired Poop Tennis player. You can view his/her Tennis Roster here.
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 This Pooper is Dormant and unclassified to be retired or on hiatus.

In Brief

Garf4Prez (formally known as spacman191) is a somewhat unknown pooper who unlike alot of other poopers. He uses Windows Movie Maker to make his poops.



While a young Garf4Prez was searching around youtube for Video Game related videos and video game commercials. I stop came across the poop He Touched me Inappropriately by Flamestormstudios, though at first I didn't like the concept of YTP until I found the poop Frustrated Sonic Insults the kids by Walrus Guy and really liked it. After watching that, I started to click on some more poops by other people (mostly sonic sez poops I would watch) and after a few more poops, I started to loved the youtube poop concept and proceed to make my own...4 Years later.


In this time period I got into more Poops and Poopers. Now at this time I had 2 accounts but they had nothing to do with poop. So now lets go to the year I started.


After 4 years of watching poop I decided to make my own. In September of 2011 I found out how to inport the CD–I clips in Movie Maker and made my first poop (which sucked now looking back at it). Also in September I found out how to download sources from Youtube by aTube Catcher and I used them for pooping and I found the FX archive for more effects. 2011 was also the year I joined Chewiki.


In January of 2012, I join the Youchew forums, Also in 2012 I got Sony Vegas 7 and i used it for poop alongside Windows Movie Maker. However In the middle of the year I switched to Sony Vegas 5 and never looked back. I also joined some collabs and did some tennis and by the end of the year I had over 50 subscribers.


While I was still making poops I was starting to slow down, Out of that I decided to go on hatius from YouTube Poop and the forums in July.


I never made anything during the year though I did have some projects that I didn't finish because of sure laziness but however something bad happened to me in the summer. In July of 2014 my laptop that I was using for poop broke, unknowning what to do. After a few months with a new computer I made my return to the forums in November. Even though I left for a year and a half and there were a bunch of new users, I fit right in. In December I said What the hell and made my return to poop with "[YTP]Much Like Suffcating.


In 2015, I came out with the poop "[YTP]Motel Mario Damage Control" in January as a response to the lack of Cd-I poops. After I cleared issues with gmail's phone number shit, I could finally change my to garf4prez and the first poop released on the account was [YTP]Fieldgarf Gets Annoyed Very Easily. This was a collab entry for The Garfield Collab by NationOfOranges696. After A couple months of inactivity on spacman191, I decided to close spacman191 to move to my current account: Garf4Prez in September 2015.

First poop seen

He Touched Me Inappropriately, by FlameStormStudios(first poop I watched) Frustrated Sonic Insults the Kids by WalrusGuy (First poop I actually liked)

First poop made

The King's dirty day with Link(Now removed forever)

First REAL Poop Made

  • Justin Beiber has a baby and brag it to everyone (As Spacman191)
  • FieldGarf Gets Annoyed Very Easily(As Garf4Prez)


In 2012 - mid 2013 I would mostly use fast paced editing with Stutters, Reversing, Speed Ups and Slow Downs and alot of heavy effects with ear rape and minimal sentence mixing with both WMM and Sony Vegas.

After I came back in 2014 with only WMM, I tried having more Sentence Mixing do to WMM's limits, However I still have a fast-paced style with more speed ups and slow downs and stutters and using down tempo ear rape.

Preferred Sources

Preferred Methods

Preferred Software



  • Any CrunkCore Band (Blood on the Dance Floor Especially)
  • Metal Elitists
  • Black Metal
  • Team Fortress 2
  • Minecraft
  • Modern Cartoon Network
  • Rape Rave
  • Spadinner poops made in 2014
  • Creepypasta Poops
  • Gmail's Extremely Flawed Phone Number Verification System



His poops gets mixed to postive Reviews.Some people likes his poops or some people doesn't like his poops.


To Make

My Style


(If you like my poops feel free to put your name here)




Poop Listing on garf4prez


  • Used to be one of the youngest Active poopers but now they're alot of new poopers younger then me
  • I Like alot of genres of music. my favorite genres of music are Rock/Metal(From the 90's to the 2010's) and Rap/Hip-Hop (also from the 90's) and all the sub-genres in-between those genres.
  • People in the United States are where my videos are watched the most with my home country Canada in second.
  • Most of my videos are viewed by teenagers.
  • The software that I used the most for poops are Sony Vegas with 20 poops followed by Windows Movie Maker with 15 poops(excluding poops that I deleted)
  • Very rarely uses the same source twice in a row
  • Has a strange obsession with billboard charts
    • Also has a obsession with Garfield, but unlike some people on the site doesn't take it to the extremes
  • Knew about Stuart K Reily's 10 things that bad poopers do list before I started pooping
  • I would put my page in the 3rd person but i'm too lazy to do that.
  • It should be noted, that my username is actually garf4prez. But due to Chewiki's Auto capitalization of the first letter, It will be displayed as Garf4Prez.
  • This page is the most revised Pooper page on Chewiki, In fact, it's the 2nd most revised page.


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