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A map of modern day Florida.

Florida is a State of the United States.


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The flag of the very short lived "Republic of West Florida".

Florida is comprised of two distinct parts.

  • The South: Known as the peninsula; is populated mainly with aging Yankees and central American immigrants.
  • The North: Known as the pan handle; is populated mainly with rednecks and escaped prisoners.

Major Cities


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Esther Rolle had some good times portraying Florida.

Much of Florida's economy is based on tourism, citrus, and space travel. It's economy also consists of trading Magic Drugs to Colombia and Cigars to Cuba. Manufacturing companies assemble cutting edge aerospace products like Time Machines, precious rocket ships that drift off into deep space, Industrial robots, and Atomic Relativity Boots that enable you to circle the planet at the speed of light and enter the Time Warp.


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Whenever Florida elects a Republican by 0.00001% yet again, just call Bugs Bunny.

Poopers From Florida

Other Residents