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Driver: You are the Wheelman

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MediaNice.jpg This article is about a Media Source, which is remixed to create a YouTube Poop.

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Name: Driver: You are the Wheelman
Type of Source: Video Game
Created By: Reflections
Year Created: 1999

Driver: You are the Wheelman was a video game released in 1999. It was developed by Reflections. The game received high praise when it can out for the Playstation and PC, and it even won several awards. The game is considered a revolution in the fields of open world gaming, it pushed the Playstation to its limits and was one of the best selling games on it. The game offers four playable cities, Miami, San Francisco, Los Angles, and New York. (There was going to be a fifth city, Newcastle, but the city was scraped, however, it is still accessible with a Gameshark code. These cities are all playable in several modes, Take A Ride, Undercover, and Mini-Games. Driver also has an awesome sound track. A sequel was made in 2001 "cleverly" titled Driver 2.

Undercover Mode[edit]

In Undercover, (which is the games campaign/mission mode) you play as John Tanner, an officer for NYPD who is a retired race car driver. The chief of police wants him to go undercover into the ranks of a notorious crime family. Your first mission begins in a parking garage in New York City. It is probably one of the hardest missions of the entire game. You have to do several stunts in a confined area like a reverse 180, a 360, a lap, and several other tasks. This level takes several attempts, and has frustrated gamers for years. Many people never even bothered with Undercover mode after this mission, and many people decided to do Take A Ride mode, and tear up the streets of Miami and San Francisco. The rest of the Undercover mode involves you driving from point A to point B in a certain amount of time while cops or gangsters chase you. Other times you chase down bad guys by ramming into them.

Take A Ride[edit]

Take A Ride is a free play mode where you can drive in any of the four cities in the game, (LA and NYC are unlocked during Undercover.) You can drive around as long as you like before your vehicle is totaled by you or the cops.


Driver offers several mini games, these are the following mini-games:

  • Survival: Lotsa homicidal police cars on hell level begin trying to total your car, the goal is to survive as long as you can.
  • Getaway: You must escape the cops in a predetermined amount of time.
  • Quick Chase: You must total your opponents car in a set amount of time.

In YouTube Poops[edit]

Driver is rarely featured in YouTube Poops, these are the following pooper(s) known to use parts of the game in their videos:

  • AngrySpongeBobGuy-Used a song from the soundtrack, raped the hell out of gameplay footage, and distorted the trailer for the No-Fi collab