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D.W. Read

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Name: Dora Winifred Read
Appears In: Arthur
Sex: Female
Age: 5

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D.W. criticizes her brother's work.

Dora Winifred "D.W." Read is Arthur Read's annoying little sister who likes to irritate him by throwing his model planes out the window and then telling him that he's the one who screwed up when he built them, even when he specifically stated to her that she shouldn't touch them. This often leads to him punching her lights out. She had no eyebrows until the show switched to Flash animation, when she grew big distracting eyebrows.

Taste In Music[edit]

D.W. has interesting taste in music in that she often becomes addicted to a certain song and plays it ad nauseum for the sole purpose of annoying Arthur, destroying any headphones he gives her so that she can make him listen along with her. Among the songs she has been addicted to are the theme from Crazy Bus, "The Lion Sleeps Tonight", "Surfin' Bird", "Girl on Fire", "50 Ways to Say Goodbye", "Call Me Maybe" and "Caramelldansen".

By a strange coincidence, her obsessions with these songs usually resulted in an incident where her CD copies of them went missing, leading her to accuse Arthur of stealing them despite her lack of proof, only for it to turn out that their dad accidentally took it to a party. However, Arthur DID destroy D.W.'s copy of "50 Ways to Say Goodbye," and was punished with no TV, but D.W. quickly replaced it with a VHS tape of the song's music video. On another occasion when D.W.'s CD of "We Found Love" went missing, it turned out Brian and Stewie Griffin stole it and destroyed it, and tried to frame Arthur for it.