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|name=Claude von Riegan
This page is old.
Its unfunny, dumb, and a relic of when I once liked Fire Emblem.  
|shows=Fire Emblem Series, various YTPs
|occupation=Heir to the house of Riegan, Meme Lord, Leader of the Lecister Alliance,
|cast=Joe Zieja
'''Claude von Riegan''' is a character who appears in the Nintendo game series, Fire Emblem. He is one of the main protagonist in the video game Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Outside of his game, he is a meme lord who hangs upside down. After 5 years, he grows up to become a leader and then fucks his professor and runs off to another country. After the war, Claude continued to star in a small amount of YouTube Poops and masturbated to Hentai of his professor.
===Early Life===
Claude grew up in the country of Almyra, a country filled with dragons, no fucking trees, and ugly middle aged man. He grew up with nothing except for a couple of sticks and dildos and immediately started fucking. Not much is know about his childhood though.
===Real Life===
Later on in his life, he became a student at the officers academy and started to poison peoples [[spaghetti]] and [[dinner]] with the power of [[aids]]. He once found a portal that lead him to the town of Wuzzleburg and started working at the local Mcdonalds there, where he stuffed himself with the wonderous all day breakfast and then fucked the Wendy's girl. Claude took the place of [[Gay Luigi]], the former less popular employee at Mcdonalds. They got into fights and shit so Claude did what he must and kidnapped gay Luigi and took him back to his home. On that day, Wubbzy, Walter, and Widget went to Mcdonalds to learn how to be gay but the got beaten up by Bubble Bass. Once the woke up, the found Claude instead of Gay Luigi and questioned his appearance. Claude told them that he knew how to be gay and took them on a ride, and they agreed, but it was too late because it was all a scheme made by Claude to stop people from loving Gay Luigi. Wubbzy got mad, they fought, they became friend out of fucking nowhere and they live happy after after.
===Poop Life===
After all that shit happened, Claude moved onto staring in YouTube Poop videos, which are documented on this very site. Even though he hasn't made much appearances in YTPs, he still has appeared in them. Claude has appeared in over seven YouTube Poops in his run and still continues to what to do more.
*Tactical Scheming
*His friends
*Mcdonalds (especially there all day breakfast.)
*Board Games
*YouTube Poop
*Not fighting
*Gay Luigi
*Belief of gods

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This page is old. Its unfunny, dumb, and a relic of when I once liked Fire Emblem. DELETE IT