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In the third section, Victs, after the upper and lower fields, the performance of the four-point guards of the replacement is not, not only one point is not, but also killed twice. Throughout the whole game, there are 218 yards in the propulsion code of the jet.

Mahms: The only record of concern is a full win
Since Patrick Mahomes has become the first year, the number of emirates has been ranked universal in the same period, and only Tom Brady, which has turned over two teams, win more.

Michael Vick movement speed is very fast, but he runs in Bill's defensive end of Mario Williao Williams, etc. Players. Vik is very wolf in most of the game, and passing the ball for the stars, 19 passes only 7.

The cowboy has the same hope, the 30-yard line starts, but it will be held in the lost 8 yards, two files 18 yards Bryant won 13 yards, three files 3 yards Prescott ball was passed by Barre It is special, defenders take the ball directly into the end area to get up to the end, two points, plus points, completely connected, and cowboy is completely explosion. 37-9.

This is also the reason why the Green can complete the ball 47 yards in the third quarter, he said: "Everyone knows me, knows how I kind of person, how calm I was, how I was ready to go to the game, so I I believe my next performance, so it happened, and I continue to prepare for the next performance. "

Just when people guess Carol said that the Hawks won the National Association of the National Association, Carol added: "We have received twice in the game, which is a huge progress, we will continue Stick to it."

But we are surprised by Braddy actually. People tend to choose their career shaped. If Brady wants to follow, Bill Belichick has provided excellent role model & mdash; & mdash; his offensive group is able to show a decade.

[Event Review] Guidelong War Eagle Damei continues to lead the entire alliance
On November 20th, Beijing time, the League of Philadelphia, the first Federal, the finals of the League, the Dallas Cowboy, the first season. The two teams have played in the season, and the eagle was taken in the time of the cowboy. This time, it can be said that the enemy is divided into two eyes, which is very expected.

But this did not prevent our interest in this may be interested in the life of the most great four defense in history. This may not stop us cheap nfl Jerseys from china being surprised by Braddy's teaching is not your future choice.

The killing is too confused, Bill relies on the defensive rule
The Buffalo Bell's four-point guards Aunton has played a good play in the two games of the New York jet this season. He has passed a total of 468 yards and has a 6 time. But the Bill team can also win only with their defensive groups.

Eagle attack, two files 10 码 Torre & middot; Smith's large air ball failed, the road strokes also arrived. The two-sided defensive group continued to be sent, and the offensive group was slightly reluctant. Cowboy attack, three gears 5 yards, Bryant finally took the first three-speed conversion. Two files 5 yards found the slot Bisley and the offensive group gradually recovered. Three gears 2 yards, Smith sports ball short code get the first attack. The three-speed 4 yards Bryant strongly won the short pass to the first attack. The subsequent attack, Alfrad Di-Morris continued to run the first attack, the three gears conversion Prescot challenge end district failed, free kicking into 7-9, 55 seconds left in the first half.

The correct winning record is actually 17 wins and 0, which is completed by the dolphins in the 1972 season. After that, three teams have completed 18 wins, and recently was the patriot of Bradi, 2007, but all in the last game. 2021 will be the first season that includes 17 regular seasonings.

The eagle offensive, Clemet first rushed out of the dangerous area, the three-speed 7 yards failed to rush out of the first attack, consume enough time to discard kick. Cowboy chooses to replace, abandon the game, and the three-speed attack will declare failure. The eagle is played, and the four points will be exhausted.

The Haiying team finally solved too many problems in the foul
Local time Monday this week, Seattle Hawksman's head coach Pitt Carroll, I was excited to enter the press conference hall, as if there is a happy thing to tell you. Carol said: "I have made a whole season, we finally completed this goal."

Cowboy is finally struck, and a 10-yard Prescott passed Williams to win the first attack. The next attack once again found Badler to win the first attack. Two gears 3 yards, Brines passed forward to enter 15 yards. The three-speed 14-yard screen short biography failed to enter the end area, four gears, Prescot challenge the end area, and under pressure, the attack is once again reactive.

AJ- Green thank his teammates did not blame himself three turnovers
Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver AJ- Green (A.J.Green) Sunday performance data from the point of view is not bad, but his mistakes almost ruined the team's victory.