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{{#ev:youtube|fPagWh3O5Zs|320}}Mario plays 'You: The Game' for a really long time. Fuck, Mario, how long do you want to continue playing this game?!
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This is what some "hardcore gamers" look like. Obviously, not all of them look like that, but at least half of them are like that.

A gamer is someone who plays video games often. If you are one, that doesn't necessarily mean you're a hardcore gamer, nerd, or have no life.

An example of a hardcore gamer is someone who plays all video games. They do not care for the rating of the games or how gay looking the games are, they just play it because they want to see if they like it. Hardcore gamers have the broadest horizons when it comes to playing different games or not.

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What a gamer will look like if they don't leave their parent's house by the time they're 20-25 years old. Or a hardcore WoW gamer over 30 years old.

If you ever become a video game rater, you cannot show favoritism in certain types of games because that does not balance it out the ratings. If you do, you will be just like IGNorant or Yahoo! Games.

A rare type of video gamer is a female gamer, having a slight chance at playing video games different than Halo or Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Sadly, some, if not most female gamers could end up playing games like Littlest Pet Shop and Petz. However, non-stereotypical female gamers will still play some games that a stereotypical male gamer would, like Super Mario Bros. and Sonic the Hedgehog. In some communities, they are looked down upon by male gamers (but not all male gamers though).


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