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Bunny Bugs

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Bunny Bugs, here seen doing something incomprehensible, most likely summoning Satan.
{{#ev:youtube|028yDv0B2bs|320}}The only public sighting of Bunny Bugs, here seen stealing Christmas.

A creature of unknown origin, he is presumed to have been created by Duck Donald in an unholy ceremony involving poisonous toads, AC/DC music (specifically, Highway To Hell in a slow fashion) and a blender. Despite his similar appearance to Bugs Bunny, he is not related to him in any way.


Not much is known about Bunny Bugs' creation, but his first and only appearance marked a shock from onlookers that could only be matched if they saw Duck Donald instead. Indeed, many believed it is an impossibility and a mockery that such a creature would be allowed into existence; yet what they saw, horrible as it was, was still very, very real. All of said observers would shortly die painful deaths of an unidentified origin.


Like Mouse Mickey, Bunny Bugs is a minion of Duck Donald, especially adept at spreading chaos and despair to unsuspecting victims. He is most well-known for stealing Christmas, and has since become a strong rival of Santa Mario. Due to his strong tendency to steal Christmas whenever it is coming to town, it is highly adviced not to wake up at night to open your presents on Christmas morning. Doing so will make you a willing slave to Bunny Bugs, and even trying to resist will get you killed. If you somehow escape, it will activate the Spell of Hell's Wrath and summon green particles/bubbles after you.

Signs That Bunny Bugs Is Coming!

  • See Duck Donald's page for some more information.
  • You start to hear heavily distorted Christmas music made in MIDI.
  • You see a silhouette of a man with bunny ears on the starry night sky.
  • There's a huge soap bubble and a present in your living room.
  • There's a carrot in your bed.
  • The floor turns into lava.
  • You're receiving Christmas cards written in Spanish (and you don't have any Spanish-speaking relatives... at all).
  • The Reverend bans you from church.
  • Writing can't be comprehended because it's on the very bottom of your life.
  • Green bubbles start appearing.
  • You feel like you're in outer space.
  • You get "Chocolate Rain" stuck in your head all week long.
  • Google fucks up the design of your YouTube page with a new YouTube design update (Thankfully, he'd be on your side when that happens.).
  • The number of links to the "You" page on this Chewiki reaches 666,666.



  • Christmas
  • Normally-played Christmas music.
  • Jews
  • Non-distorted types of music.
  • God