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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.

In Brief

Finnish pooper, who started in April 2010. And he likes to use anime sources, very, very much.


Somewhere in 2008, Bloodis searched for what is found on YouTube, if you type "youtube" on the search bar. What he found there was "youtube poop", he didn't know what that was, so he wanted to see a one poop what is was like. Then he found Youtube Poop: He Touched Me Inappropriately and was quite weird video for him. Then he continued on watching other poops from related videos and almost got badly sucked to Spadinner-fanbase. When he had found "The King" by IAmTheGang, he was surprised to find a related video from it what was named as "SinäTuubaPaska: The King Ismo menettää hermonsa" which is like a Finnish version of "The King". And yet again from related videos, he found a surprisingly great poop from SinaTuubaErtsu, which was "SinäTuubaPaska - Ankronikka tlt uolliaC". That was when Bloodis got a very huge inspiration to try to make a poop with WMM, but nothing he did never saw light of the day (WHICH IS ACTUALLY A GOOD THING) But in the April of 2010, he got a great inspiration from Turbopora, when he started a 5 second collab. Bloodis wanted to try out and made an entry for it, but what was surprising, he actually did it with Vegas, although he just says that it's just a test video. After that, he wanted to try to make a real poop from Popeye which started his pooping career. But in 2010 August, he closed his account which had it's first poop and made a new account, which is his current one.

First poop seen

He Touched Me Inappropriately

First poop made

SinäTuubaPaska - Kippari-Kalle homoilla


  • Earrape
  • Vanilla loop/surprise
  • Stuttering
  • Inverting

Preferred Sources

And the list goes on....

Preferred Methods

Preferred Software

  • Sony Vegas Pro 8.0 with Pixelan and NewBlue FX
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 (sometimes, trying to learn how to use it)

Loves ♥

  • Ritsu Tainaka


  • K-ON!
  • Anime overall
  • Talking with cute people in Skype/Steam
  • Playing with cute people in Steam
  • Watching Poops and Tennis matches


  • Very many Ecchi-Harem animes
  • Most bronies, some are quite good
  • Memes (Coolface, Me gusta etc.)


  • Has been said as the future of SinäTuubaPaska
  • Had over 400 subscribers


  • For using too much earrape
  • Making horrible YTPMV's
  • Hates all of his old videos (Well who doesn't?)
  • He uses the same sources too often


  • Has placed on STP Monthly Moments list for 12 times, but still hasn't ever won it.
  • Many famous Poopers have subscribed him






Other Information

  • He loves Ritsu a bit too much, sorry if it might drawback you alot ;~;


  • Bloodis is socially hated by many Finnish poopers
  • He hates his channel name so much, that he has wanted to close it many times. Well, he sort of did it already.


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