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This article is about a german Aladdin rip-off. You may have been looking for the original Aladdin.
MediaNice.jpg This article is about a Media Source, which is remixed to create a YouTube Poop.

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Name: Aladin
Country of Origin: Germany
Type of Source: Movie
Created By: Dingo Pictures


{{#ev:youtube|2u4h5STlXUc|320}}The first part of the film.

Aladin is an animated film produced by the same animators of Animal Soccer World. By just looking at the name, you can already say that this film is trying to rip-off Disney's Aladdin. The animation and drawing are really bad (you can see that the characters blink their eyes like every half a second and some of the backgrounds are unfinished) and the characters don't look anything like the original ones (with the exception of the Genie).

Media Information[edit]

  • Type of Source: Movie
  • Creator: Dingo Pictures
  • Country of Origin: Germany


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Further Information[edit]

  • This is the film that originated the neck-moving guy.

Main Source for Poopers[edit]

This user has uploaded the whole film, divided in six parts.

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