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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.

In brief

A new maker of YTP but has known about it since the summer of '07. Didn't start until May 2008. Prefers to act like an idiot for fun but more serious in 'real life'. Somewhat known on the forums and is an obvious Grounder, AoStH, Coconut Fred, and Super Mario fan. Also a fan of Monster Rancher and some other things. likes a variety of music (except rap). Sometimes likes to express emotions through images of Grounder, Butchy, and other coconut fred characters.


Too new to have history!(I think)

Having been sent to fight the Vietnam war at age 6, 1Down quickly distinguished herself for her no-nonsense attitude that struck fear into the hearts of the VietCong, and her fellow troopers alike. In fact, the Oliver Stone movie Platoon is loosely based off of 1DownPoison's exploits.

When she was dishonorably discharged for slaughtering an entire herd of pigs for "laughs", 1Down went back to the United States of America and tried to write novels based off her experiences in the War on Drugs. Unfortunately for her, a typo on the sentence originally intended to be "I fought for America and beat those commie bastards" turned out to be "I bought America cheap commie bastards!" The FBI, seeing that 1Down was trafficking Vietnamese children, sentenced her to live the rest of her life in Canada, land of the boring.

Once in Canada, 1Down met the influential speaker, Dr. Ivo Robotnik, and his minions Grounder and scratch (Coconuts was in the Civil Rights March on Washington at the time. Robotnik was there because he pulled an "Edward Blake" while in Vietnam, and was speaking against the war. 1DownPoison soon became an ardent follower, and began having an affair with Grounder in secret.

However, a jealous Scratch soon leaked the affair to the public, and Robotnik's career went down in smoke (indeed, it was engulfed in a Dust Cloud).

Grounder ended the relationship in shame, and 1DownPosion moved to Toronto to nurse her wounds, and eventually nurse the wounds of other scorned lovers. She makes youtube poops as a way to remember her time with Grounder, calling it "the happiest time of [our] lives"

First poops seen

-Mama Luigi is a Nuclear Weapon -Robotnik's sexy suspender striptease

First poop made

-Grounder's Happy Hour!


pretty much anything


Preferred Sources

  • AoStH
  • Coconut Fred's Fruit Salad Island
  • Canadian television
  • commercials
  • random internet/TV clips

Preferred Methods

  • examine the source before using ("what can I get out of it?")

Preferred Tech

Vegas (it's all there is and WMM deteriorated)


  • when my childhood gets raped (certain parts of it)
  • people getting mad for stupid reasons
  • really long ear rape
  • rap/hip hop
  • some other things
  • people who think they are never wrong
  • Emperor Ing for editing this page with poor taste and humor.


Not popular enough to receive excessive faggotry.


Will most likely be forgotten.


Successfully traveled through the fabrics of time and space and assassinated one of the Prime Ministers of Canada. (But that Prime Minister has been already forgotten in history so 1down didn't get in trouble). One of her videos turned into a mini-forum with three people arguing for no real good reason.




pretty much all YTPers


Other Information

Wants to meet people from YCP one day but is too nervous to do so.

Personal Info

Name: You can just ask...


Blood type: O

Interests: (many)

Hair colour: red (really)


  • Most successful YTPs were "Butchy Gets Breast Augmenation" and "Grounder's Sexy Grocery shopping adventure!"
  • First to make Grounder say "shit".
  • First (and only) to poop Coconut Fred's Fruit Salad Island.
  • Made Butchy into a Rapist.
  • Always has awkward sexual situations in YTPs, possibly to live out her own intense sexual frustration. Like a fetish towards drill-nosed robots and muscular apples.
  • The above statement is somewhat true.
  • Possibly the first to make Grounder say "Robotnik, suck my cock".