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David & the Magic Pearl

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MediaNice.jpg This article is about a Media Source, which is remixed to create a YouTube Poop.

Name: Dawid i Sandy
Country of Origin: Poland
Type of Source: Movie
Year Created: 1987



An obscure, low-budget 1980s animated film from Poland; commonly used by Nickshorts in his poops. It tells the story of the boy David and the jungle he tries to save from criminals who want to build it into a city and capture the animals, and the aliens looking for their magic pearls.


  • David
  • Sandy, the Baby Eagle
  • Pips, the Beagle
  • The Spacers, the aliens
  • David's Dad, Edward
  • David's Mom, Sarah
  • Ms. Fondoe
  • Mr. Stealmore


First Used in a Poop by[edit]

Nickshorts, David and the Magic Pearl on Drugs

Often Used By[edit]


Sometimes Used By[edit]

Encore Enterprises LLC

Disliked by[edit]

Further information[edit]

  • It's not a well-known movie by any means, but the reviews it has gotten are pretty bad. Obviously then, it shouldn't be that hard to poop, right?

Main Source for Poopers[edit]


Recently, a user has uploaded a Torrent containing David and the Magic Pearl and other obscure or less torrented sources.

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